Who we are

    Aston BallRoom Dance (ABD) is a Nationally recognized Dance company.

    Founded by competitive and show case dancers, Aston BallRoom Dance’s studio offers the ultimate dance experience blending fun, ease, and confort with quality dance instruction – in one of the most beautiful dance studios. Our first-rate services include private dance lessons, group dance classes, social practice parties, and memorable events guaranteed to intrigue beginners and inspire over-achievers.

    Whether you are looking for a new hobby or take your skills to the next level, Aston BallRoom Dance unique approach to personalized dance instructions ensures that your needs and desires are met every step of the way.

    It’s not just about learning how to dance, it’s about feeling healthier and happier, while expressing yourself and being part of an incredible community.

    Male and female ballroom, standard, sport dance, latin and salsa couple dancers feet and shoes in dance academy school rehearsal room dancing salsa.

    Why We are Different

    Aston BallRoom Dance mission is to make the world a healthier and happier place through dance. Our goal is to create the best dance experiences, while making learning to dance fun and easy. Our students learn in the finest establishment that offers a comfortable, friendly environment, ideal learning and personal development. We ensure our student’s goals are met by tailoring each lesson to meet their specific needs and desires.

    Our professional instructors train rigorously to provide the best dance instruction, together as a team, to ensure the student’s needs are first priority. We embrace social interaction and create memorable experiences – whether it’s inside our dance studio or at our spectacular events.


    What we offer

    We offer private lessons, group classes, social parties, private/custom group classes, and a whole lot more. We specialize in all types of Ballroom and Latin dances in both American and international styles but also offer hip hop, wedding dance instruction, contemporary, ballet, jazz and all types of partner dancing.